Vinod kumar & Vinita kumari Wedding Date: 1st March, 2022

My mother created my profile on Shubh Matrimony .com. Thats when our initial conversation began between my mother and Vinita mother. Then they decided that both of us should talk and see if we are compatible enough. After our conversation with Vinita mother, I and Vinita exchanged our numbers on 4th February 2020 and started talking over the phone and WhatsApp. We both liked our conversation and connected over common interests like traveling, food, shopping, and many other things. It was long-distance relationship over two years of period due to covid but thats make our relationship stronger. After the borders open then we decided to take things forward and meet each other in person, thats when me and my mother finally travelled to India from New Zealand. Our first date was beautiful in a Cafe over a coffee. Then we decide to watch movie it was so memorable and beautiful. We really liked each others company and after spending a few days together, we fell for each other and decided to get married as soon as possible. Our families met and were happy with the match. Then we got hitched on 1st march 2022. We are now in a happy space and enjoying our togetherness :) Thanks to Shubh Matrimony