Which Attire Would Be An Ideal One For Your First Date?

The first date of any person no doubt can be nerve-wrenching as this day signifies the first meeting between the two lovers who are in a relationship. Therefore, this day requires to be extremely special in terms of decoration, venue, food and attire. In all these aspects, attire is recognised as the most crucial one for a woman especially when it's a matter of a first date.

Attire is one of the most considerable aspects of making your first date ever-memorable because attire determines what impression you leave on your beloved. Therefore, the dress you are going to wear on your first date should be glamorous and eye-catchy. But selecting a proper dress for your first date is not as easy as it seems because there are so many factors to examine well.

Women are said to be extremely apprehensive when it comes to the matter of their attire. For this reason, they always keep themselves updated with the latest trends and styles. But due to some mismatches, oftentimes couples do not get their desired look while going on a date. For creating a subtle yet impressive look, it's necessary to adjust proper clothes with funky and suitable accessories such as earnings, neck-pieces, bags and heels.

Since your first date is completely different from any other random day, you should try something different to get a forever place in your beloved's mind. Hence in this article, we would portray an idea of what a girl should wear for creating a magnificent look on her first date. Below are some of the best dating tips that would help to adorn yourself at your best.

A Wonderful Top and Jeans or Skirts
Your first date is significant because it is probably the initial step of marriage. These days, both boys and girls prefer poolside cafes or restaurants for their first meeting. These places are not only spacious and airy but also help to create a bright and pleasant atmosphere all around. For a set-up like this, nothing can be more pretty and suitable than casual jeans and tops for a girl which are suitable for any weather and any time of the day.

Now if you are wondering what would be so special in simple jeans and tops, then you need to change your thoughts because beautiful floral tops paired with jeans skirts or trousers can be an excellent apparel option when you are going for your first date. The bright-coloured floral prints and patterns in your top make sure that they can create a stunning contrast with the entire poolside setup. So pick the best floral top and jeans skirt or trousers and click some beautiful pictures of your ever-remarkable first date.

A Gorgeous Dress and Heels
Most people often like to meet their would-be life partners in rooftop restaurants at night. If you are looking forward to meeting your beloved in a rooftop cafe, the best suitable season is none other than winter, spring or autumn. When you are going on a night date in a rooftop cafe with your beloved, a gorgeous dress with pointed heels would be the ideal choice.

A dress is an attire that indicates romance, love and charm making them the number one choice for a nighttime date in a rooftop cafe. You can choose any dark-coloured aesthetic dress and pair it with accessories like stone-set stud earrings and pointed heels. You can select a short dress, midi dress or gown as per your appropriateness and preferences. Colours like wind red, royal blue, dark green, black or magenta would look great to impress your life partner.

Sleeveless Jumpsuits and Sandals
Are you arranging your first date on a summer afternoon at a park or open cafeteria? Then it is highly suggested to wear sleeveless jumpsuits and flat sandals. When you are meeting your beloved before marriage on very short notice, what can be a more striking combination than beautiful sleeveless jumpsuits, a pair of feather earrings, funky sunglasses and flat sandals?

When you are selecting an outfit for a hot summer afternoon date, it's highly recommended to choose cotton as a material in terms of comfort. You can choose bright colours like sea green, baby pink, light yellow, white, sky blue and light orange for your jumpsuit. Always try to keep your makeup minimalistic and hence choose a light pastel shade of nude make-up for going on a daytime date.

Fusion Saree
If you are an enthusiast of traditional Indian heritage and culture, no other apparel than the saree can be perfect for your first date. Yes, you read it right. A saree can also steal the heart of your beloved if is draped properly on the very special event of your first meeting. But for that, the selection of a proper saree and jewellery is important.

If you like the traditional culture and heritage of our country India, you can easily pick up sarees like Kanjivaram, Ikkat or Maharashtrian silk and paid them up with simple minimalistic jewellery and make-up to create a subtle yet stunning look. And if you want to be a little experimental, close your eyes and pick up sarees with fusion motifs and prints. You can add long western earnings and bracelets to enhance your look for the special day.

Woollen Dress or Shrug
If you are recently fallen in love and it's the first winter season date of your newly formed relationship, it's best to wear a woollen dress or shrug. In our country India, cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Patna, Lucknow, Dehradun, Srinagar, and many more face extreme cold due to different climatic and positional conditions. So if you also are a resident of any of the above-mentioned cities and planning to go on a date with your love on a winter night, choose a woollen dress or shrug.

Anyone can select a long wooden dress or can pair a woollen top or long cardigan with tight-fitting jeans trousers to look stylish and sensational. But while wearing a woollen dress, top or long cardigan, don't forget to wear a tank top to compliment the woollen garments. Wear western-style earnings and try bold smoky eyes or coloured eyeliners with these woollen garments to complete your look. In this way, you can manage both stylish looks and warmth.

Crop Top With Long Shorts
If you are planning to execute your first date in a seaside restaurant or beach cafeteria, nothing can make you look more adorable than a crop top with long shorts. Going on a date with your beloved is always fascinating and what can be a better attire than a crop top and long shorts, especially in a seaside venue?

Select bright-coloured full-sleeve or off-shoulder crop tops with long shorts to get a perfect seaside date look. You can wear long feathered earnings and lace-up flat sandals to add charm to your look. Balance the boldness of a crop top with simple nude make-up and free hair and make yourself look charming on your first date.

So these are some of the best dating tips especially when it's the first one. Going on a date with your beloved is always special, so make it more special by following these great dressing ideas. You can pick any of those as per your appropriateness and the circumstance. The attire we have cited above would indeed catch the attention of your beloved. Hence go grab one of them and make your first date mesmerising.


  30th July, 2019
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